MANday Feature: Swag of the Month

Tee by Kinetix

Everyone wants to look good, but does not necessarily have the time to do so. Style-conscious concierge based e-commerce sites are on the rise. We see it on flash sites like Gilt and Ideeli where a membership fee is not required, and fee based sites like Shoe Dazzle for the ladies, and Trunk Club for the fellas. The underlying notion that drives this business model is the idea of having a personal shopper. Having the option of joining a site where you are offered sartorial choices given your personal styles preference is garnering much popularity because of our hectic lifestyles.

Shoe Dazzle offers members a new pair of hand-selected shoes each month for as low as $39.95, and Trunk Club sends members a selection of personalized outfit choices (higher end) which the customer tries out, and buys what works best for him (the Netflix model). But how about more casual options? How about if you’re a dude that just wants some help finding some cool tees every month? This is where Swag of the Month comes in.

Catered to younger men, I would say the 18-35 set, Swag of the Month is

an online personal shopping service for cool tees that was created so all men would have the opportunity to a styled lifestyle with ease.

Another option from Swag of the Month

Potential members take a 60-second style quiz to evaluate their taste and for $16.95 a month, receive a handpicked designer t-shirt from a database of over 120 brands. The fun part about this service is that their product range includes both established and emerging designers, whose tees normally retail between $30 to $75. Shipping is also free. For more info check out there “How it Works” video. Happy shopping!

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