MANday Feature: Indochino

An example of Indochino’s suit offerings

What makes a man? Many may argue his character, which is of upmost importance, but his appearance is also high on the list. Well tailored clothing separates the men from the boys. In the transitional time post college graduation, most young men find it quite difficult to “dress the part” as the tailored pieces they aspire to most often break the bank. In this case, you have a few options:

  1. Starve a little and save up for the perfect Ferragamo suit (specifically one, because you probably aren’t balling out of control yet. If you are, more props to you bro!)
  2. Search the racks of department stores and other chain-retailers for a suit that will do, but most often will require additional tailoring
  3. Starve some more and save those extra Ferragamo dollars for a made-to-measure suit that will cost you a few thousand dollars
  4. Cry and sulk

These options have been a reality for most, until a little site called Indochino came along. What is Indochino you may ask? It is an e-commerce site that sells custom suiting, blazers & coats, pants, shirts, and accessories. Customers choose their style, customize the suit of their liking, and get measured online via video tutorials. Once all steps are completed and the order is placed, your customized suit arrives to your doorstep in three weeks tops. Pretty cool huh? You want to know what’s better? The pricing.

Suits range in price from $299 to $699 depending on cut and fabrication, a steal for a custom piece. Shirts range from $79 to $99, blazers & coats from $199 to $299, and pants from $99 to $159. They carry a wide range of fabrics in various colors, textures, and prints to satisfy even the most discerning man. Take a look at some of their styles below.

Adventurer Blue Trenchcoat, $279
The Powder Blue Southern Seersucker Blazer, $199
The Officer Blue Pinpoint Oxford, $79
The Ultimate Khaki Cotton Pants, $129

You likey? If so, stop by their website and get to browsing. They are also on Twitter @Indochino. Happy shopping!


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