Is that Ashton? In a Dating Video? Take a look…

So I came across this video of Ashton Kutcher, and it looks like he may be looking for love again! We see him transformed into different characters for a dating profile on Worldwide Lovers. They are all unique and looking for love. Here are the contenders!


We have Swordfish, the biker with the tough exterior and heart of gold.


Darl, the incredibly over-the-top fashionisto who loves himself, and believes you should too.


Nigel, the friendly hippie who is on a higher level of consciousness (pun-intended).


And finally Raj. A Bollywood producer who is looking for an equally optimistic mate that beams optimism like himself.

I’m partial to the introspective guys, so Swordfish and Nigel are my personal favorites. Take a look at the video below to see what they’re all about and be sure to check out Worldwide Lovers for their full profiles!

*Sponsored by Pop Chips


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