A Life in the Day of Andrea is 1 Year Old Today! Reflections on the first year.

House of Balloons cuz it's ya birthday!

On April 18, 2011, with the encouragement of friends and family, I started this little blog called A Life in the Day of Andrea. Here is a screen shot of what my first post looked like:

I remember how long it took me to compile that short post because I wanted it to be perfect. I noted that I named my blog after one of my favorite Andre 3000 songs, “A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre”, and in doing that, realized that the mp3 was not on Soundcloud, nor was there a legit video on YouTube I could embed, so in turn, I just posted the link. Sounds complex for such a simple post, huh? But my life was never simple, that’s why this is the “Life in the Day” and not “Day in the Life”.

Instead of using this post as a means to party, I want to take the time out to reflect on my first official year in the blogosphere. My intent in creating this has been simply to show what the title states, bits and pieces of my life. This is driven by music, fashion, art, culture, food, and everything associated with that. It is my point of view, which along with my interests, is deeply rooted in those that inspire me, whether it be family members, fellow creatives, or celebrities. My aim has always been to be myself, and I hope that rings true for you, the reader. I’ve passed up a good amount of possible features here and elsewhere because it did not work with what I am trying to achieve, or more simply put “because I didn’t like it”.

“Being myself” and slowly coming into my own has/is having its benefits. With that being said, I want to thank a few people who gave me opportunites simply for being myself.

  • The folks at Fashion Ledge for allowing me to cover Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011 as a newbie
  • The Fire 4 Hire squad for always being in my corner
  • The Eclectic Ride for having me as a featured host of their Music Bloggers & Writers mixer
  • Amy Andrieux for seeing my talent and putting me on board as a writer for STARK 
  • My homie Frankie P. for reaching out and becoming my first official interview on the blog
  • Endless Noise NYC and Meant 2B Famous for featuring me on their blogs
  • The Yoana Baraschi PR team for finding me and inviting me to my first designer press preview
  • The Ill Banger crew for having me guest host their dope parties…I’ll be back soon!
  • The Jeffrey Campbell Shoes team for having me as their April 2012 guest blogger

There are countless others, and you are appreciated. In this time, I’ve gained readers outside of North America, notably the UK, Australia, and Philippines, and it continues to blow my mind. Yes, I know the internet is a global medium, but is a different thing when you have conversations with people in different parts of the world who have read something you wrote. It shows me how important our words are, especially when they come from a real place.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have ever read this blog or tweets, shared a link or suggested it to someone–I want to thank everyone who has shown their support to me and this venture. I’ve learned how hard it is to keep a site afloat as an army of one, but I’ve also learned that there are communities out there for people like me. Thank you to the wonderful folks at the Bloggers Collective for their support and collaboration. This is just the beginning!

And for a dance break, “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder.

I’ve had my ups and downs these past 366 days, but I know this is one of the things I am supposed to do. Take a ride with me…


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