Welcome to MANday!

It’s for you boys…get excited. Mondays on A Life in the Day of Andrea will be MANday, the day to start off your work week with all posts (aside from events & re-caps) dedicated to men’s style. For those of you that have been reading for a little while, you would have noticed my mild obsession with menswear and men’s style. “Where does it come from?” you may ask. And I will answer you in photo form.

This MAN

Peep the collar. Style? Effortless.

Rudolph Ignatius Lewis

Born 1928 in Belize, Central America

Tailor/Garment Cutter/Fashion Plate

My maternal grandfather

This MAN

1980something. Aviators indoors. So Flashy.

Derrick Hargreaves Castillo, Sr.

Born 1954 in Belize, Central America

Ex-Navy man/Artist/Philosophical Mind

My Father

These GUYS

One is not quite like the other. L-R: Delbert, Derrick, Stephen, and me.

Derrick Hargreaves Castillo, Jr.

Delbert Walter Castillo

Stephen David Castillo

My three older brothers

All of these men in my life have been, and continue to be a great style inspiration for me, from a man’s perspective. MANday is the day to celebrate this; style, brands I love, advice/how-to’s, and more. Let’s hear it for the boys! 🙂


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