Peep This: Sunglasses by Activist Eyewear

Activist Eyewear "Summit" sunglasses

The calendar month marks March, but here in NYC, we have been having some unseasonably warm weather. The hemlines are shortening, the layers are lightening up, and sunglasses are back in rotation. Eyewear is such a unique accessory, as it is an immediate conversation starter, and can completely transform the look of the wearer. The folks at Activist Eyewear completely understand this unique ability, and formed a business model in which to capitalize on that notion.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Activist Eyewear designs limited edition unisex eyewear in NYC that are crafted in Japan. Each style is numbered and offered in a limited release of  718 pieces; a homage to the area code of their homebase. As a consumer, this idea of exclusivity keeps us guessing, and makes our final purchase feel that more special.

Model 10.02, with limited number imprint

I love that their styles are classic with updated materials and colorways. I am partial to wayfarer frames, so model 10.01 is my personal favorite, offering staple frame colors, with peekaboo contrast colored rubber nosepads.

Model 10.01 in Brown/Green

You can connect with the brand via Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check their website to keep an eye out (no pun intended), for all new styles for the season!

*All photos courtesy of Activist Eyewear

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