Site Love: Dubset

What do you get when you mix the hot sounds of your favorite international DJs and a Pandora-esque internet radio player? You get Dubset.

DUBSET is the next generation of internet radio, curated by the world’s top DJs. Discover new music recorded live at premier clubs and exclusive events, find and follow new DJs, and create your own custom channel with your favorite mixes.

I love the idea of Dubset because it is super simple to use. You can create a new account simply on their homepage, or connect via your Facebook account. Once in, you can search channels via the alphabetical list of DJs, genre, mixes, or custom channels, that are sponsored by brands for the most part. You can listen to mixes at leisure, or satisfy your inner DJ by creating a playlist of multiple mixes. Pretty cool huh? Dubset is a great tool for emerging DJs, as they can easily create an account and upload mixes that are hosted in the same space as those that are world-renown. I call it “the place to find the best mixes from party-rockers all over the globe.” 

Dubset is a 24-hour party. Show them some love on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up to enjoy the tunes!

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