A Life in the Day of Matthew Evertsen

Matthew Evertsen

Your name (nickname if necessary)

Matthew James Evertsen

Where are you from, and where do you currently reside?

Born and raised in Schenectady, New York, currently residing in the Bronx, NYC.

What do you do there?

I am a creative brand strategist and music supervisor for a boutique collective in Midtown Manhattan.

The workplace

Describe what a normal day in the life is for you. (ie time you wake up, foods you eat, errands, meetings, etc)

My normal day begins between 6:30 and 8 AM, depending on the happenings of the night before, into the office for 9 AM until usually around 7 PM.  During the week my evenings are spent having meetings, attending industry events, and seeing shows.

Describe yourself in five words or less.

Loyal, ambitious, honest, righteous, and passionate.

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from all mediums; art, music, movies, books, family, and friends.

"Where the wild things are"

Where is your favorite place to unwind (in your city/town)?

Webster Hall and Black And White. One of the greatest nightclubs in the world, and a comfortable cozy bar within a block from one another; perfect compliments, like the begining and end of your night.

Webster Hall marquee for a show Matthew organized & booked

Favorite restaurant or cafe?

Paul & Jimmy’s, The Old Homestead, Langans.

Favorite places to shop (apparel, accessories, home goods, etc)?

Urban Outfitters, Trash & Vaudeville.

Favorite place to shop

What do you love most about the city you live in?

The epicenter of cultural diversity.  Sounds and styles from all over the world existing in the most exciting clash imaginable.

Website, social media links

Tumblr: Roninology

Facebook: Roninmgmt 


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