A New Chapter Begins…

The office space in disarray

As of Monday afternoon, my 9 to 5 existence ended (not on my own accord), but such is life. I am not upset, and have been told by numerous family members and friends that it is “a blessing in disguise”. I believe this to be true. Since the beginning of this wonderful year of 2012, things have been on full speed in regards to networking, building this little blog, and writing for Stark. I am forever grateful. Now, I am afforded the opportunity to dedicate myself fully to my creative and entrepreneurial ventures. Would you like to join me on this journey? First up is the MAGIC  trade show in Las Vegas this month to network like a mad woman, still crossing my fingers for SXSW in March, and in April, Coachella. These are the larger upcoming events, but there is ton in store! Take a ride with me…


2 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins…

  1. Andrea – best of luck!

    Keep following your dreams and you will never fail…

    Please keep in touch and if you need anything let me know – who knows maybe we can collaborate together.

    Kathie (former ANGer)

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