What I’m Listening To: “Perception” Electric Wire Hustle

In general, I like to say that I surround myself with a group of friends and associates that have wonderful taste in music. That is why when they approach me with new music, or with information on an artist I should be on the lookout for, my ears are open. This is the case with Electric Wire Hustle. Based in New Zealand and comprised of members Myele Manzanza, Taay Ninh, and Mara TK, Electric Wire Hustle’s sound is more experimental, combining elements of neo-soul, downtempo, and electro. I was introduced to them by my fellow Women in Music member, Mita, and I’m glad that she did.

Their sound is inviting, and incredibly soulful whilst possessing a danceable quality. I dig it. Check out “Perception”, and be sure to hit them up on social media. Good music for your ears!

Facebook: Electric Wire Hustle

Twitter: @E_W_H


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