Get to know the Digital Girls Club

Founded in 2011 by Mahelia de Randamie, Digital Girls Club is a community organization “for forward-thinking women taking the digital space by storm.” This includes social media, technology, advertising, and more. I first came familiar with Digital Girls Club via Twitter as I noticed that a few of my friends followed them. I thought “What a great space for internet obsessed women like myself!” (Insert giggle). When I researched more, I was quite happy to see that they were an empowering and collaborative space, offering links on trends in the digital world along with open forums to discuss with fans (that are called collaborators, given its mission).

A few weeks back, they announced that they will be holding an event during Social Media Week in collaboration with SheSays, and that volunteers were needed. Of course I reached out, and can proudly call myself a member of the team. Social Media Week is a global event that will be held February 13-17, 2012; this event will be in New York City. With that said, Digital Girls Club is searching for smart, passionate women volunteers in the realms of writing, blogging, and editing. If you feel you’re up for the task, shoot an e-mail to It’s a great opportunity to connect an collaborate with a lovely group of women on the rise!

Facebook: Digital Girls Club

Twitter: @DigitalGrlsClub


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