Listen to This: Wolfwolf


Here at A Life in The Day of Andrea we embrace social media, specifically Twitter (or “zee Tweeter” as I say in my fake French accent). I am often introduced to new music via Twitter, case in point that of Wolfwolf. His PR agent Jordanne (*waves*) hit me up saying I should give his music a listen as she believed the sound was similar to that of Quadron, one of my favorites. And guess what? I loved it!

Wolfwolf, based in Brisbane, Australia, is what I like to call a one-man band. An accomplished instrumentalist and master of digital systems, he recreates the sound of the 80s in which he was born in a fresh, updated fashion. They call it “future funk”, and rightfully so. While listening I hear distinct disco, funk, electro, and R&B elements. Take a listen to “Love” featuring Alianah below; a sexy track!

He released an LP in the third quarter of 2011 entitled the “Happy Heart Breaks” LP, chock full of eight well-produced songs you can groove to. My top three songs are “My City”, “Get To Know You”, and “Whispers”.  You can download the “Happy Heart Breaks” LP here for FREE! Check out his Souncloud for additional tracks, including a dope mashup of  Kanye West and Jay-Z tunes. Happy listening!

Soundcloud: Wolfwolfmusic

Twitter: @wolfwolfmusic


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