Daphne Guinness at the Museum at F.I.T.

Daphne Guinness via Getty

The Guinness name is one that is most recognized for their importance in the world of brewing. Those who are privy to the inside world of fashion know that along with that, Guinness is synonymous with the fashion icon caliber, and her name is Daphne. Recognized for her fearless take on fashion and its trends, Daphne Guinness is serious collector of sartorial elegance from designers new and old, established and up-and-coming. The Museum at F.I.T. has taken note of her influence in the world of fashion and style, and has dedicated a special exhibition to her simply titled, Daphne Guinness.

As per the exhibition brochure:

The exhibition DAPHNE GUINNESS begins with an introductory gallery featuring a selection of Daphne’s notoriously vertiginous shoes, and then the main gallery is divided along a central axis into six sections, each devoted to an aspect of Daphne’s style…

These aspects include DANDYISM, ARMOR, CHIC, EVENING CHIC, EXOTICISM, and SPARKLE. Although vast in category, you can develop a unique sense of Daphne’s personal style throughout viewing. I made the trip on Christmas Eve solo, and I can say it is one of the most beautiful special exhibitions I have seen at the Museum at F.I.T. Complete with video interviews, film, and copies of her book to browse through, the exhibit gives you a great sense of who Daphne Guinness is as a person, aside from her wardrobe. My favorite aspects were Dandyism for it’s strong take on menswear for ladies, and Armor as it included some of the most bizarre metal and light-reflecting elements I have ever seen in clothing. The exhibition is in the final stretch (ends on January 7, 2012), so I highly suggest you take a visit before it ends. I have attached the brochure below so you can get a taste of what it’s all about. You will be pleased!


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