Man Vs. Machine, Fashion For a New Breed

Founded in 2008 by childhood friends Jordan White and Charlie Browne, Man Vs. Machine is a “progressive lifestyle brand that caters to the creative intellectual”. In the four short years since their beginnings, they have gained press from notable publications including Complex, T Magazine, Nylon, and Rolling Stone, among others, for good reason. Their aesthetic is clean with refined lines and a rich color palette, yet youthful and futuristic in some of their stylings. I believe it is the happy medium of a tailored look that doesn’t look too old fashioned or dowdy.

I became familiar with the line quite recently. I met one of the founders, Jordan, while out with some friends at an NYC hotspot. I was dressed “like a boy” as I say; white striped oxford shirt with sleeves cuffed, black velveteen tuxedo pants, patent leopard print belt, and tan oxfords. He approached and told me that he liked my style because it reminded him of his designs. I think I laughed because I felt out of place dressed like a “bro” in a nightclub, but I digress. We exchanged information, I checked out the collection, and I really liked it!

Man Vs. Machine is largely a menswear line, but are giving us a preview of their forthcoming women’s line (see that girl in the photo above!). The look for women is similar to that of the men, offering tailored pieces like shrunken blazers and skinny pants, while keenly focusing on the shape of a woman. You won’t look like you are wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, but merely borrowing the idea of it.

Preview of the Women's collection

Their Spring 2012 collection for men is Andrea approved. Check out the video below for a preview.

Like what you see? Be sure to keep up with Man Vs. Machine on Facebook and Twitter.


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