What I’m Listening To: “The Motto” Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga (An Analysis)

Contrary to popular belief, this is a little more than a “What I’m Listening To” post. Do I dig the track? I sure do. Songs that sound appropriate in a strip club or club party hosted by [insert Hip Hop radio station in your market] are always fun do bob your head and dance to. That is their main purpose for me. Never judge me by my musical tastes; they are case-specific.

The video interpretation of “The Motto” was less than spectacular for me. It was not horrible to the point where it made me like the song less, but by no means did it lead me to like the song more. These are a few things that baffled me or that I found strange/funny in the video:

  • Lil Wayne’s dance at 0:27
  • Tyga’s involvement in the song (c’mon guy, you already have “Rack City”!)
  • Drake’s entire wardrobe; specifically his leopard print North Face and those RED NIKE GLOVES. WHY, WHY, WHY? Is Nike giving you a check for wearing baseball gloves? If they aren’t, you shouldn’t be wearing them, PERIOD.
  • E-40 cameo
  • Drake’s dance in the club alongside Tyga at 1:29
  • Lil Wayne’s “I’m drunk and on that stuff” wobble in neon green moon boots at 1:52, and more dancing at 2:04…actually, EVERY dance that Tunechi does in this video
  • Tyga bringing 1997 back at 2:48 with his open silk Versace shirt
  • Don’t the video girls look a little “bored” in that club?
  • Does Tyga keep his scrilla in that briefcase shown at 3:20?
  • Weezy clearly “on one” falling back on the car at 3:26

I still dig the track though! I still dance to it every time I hear it in a club! I do play it numerous times in the DJ sets I’ve been practicing. But, do you find parts of the video a bit odd? Tell me how you feel, how you feel, how you feel…


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