Take A Bite and Sip: Qathra

Qathra as viewed from the street

Situated on Cortelyou Road in the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, Qathra is more than just a coffee shop. Having lived off off of Cortelyou Road my whole life, but a few blocks south in Kensington, I’ve noticed the transformation of the strip, mainly in the category of food & drink. I had read a Daily News article a few months back that mentioned Qathra as being one of the best coffee shops in Brooklyn, so of course, I had to make a visit to see what all the hype was about.

I brought my cousin Ashley along, as she is an avid coffee drinker as well. We picked quite possibly the ugliest day to make a trip; a cold, rainy evening, but not to fret, this was all in the name of coffee! Upon arrival, we were welcomed into a warm space that uses lots of natural woods, slate, and brass elements in their structure. The ambience was friendly and relaxing, filled with the perfect amount of table and chairs for guests to dine, drink, or do some research (WiFi is availble).

Interior of Qathra

I ordered their chicken panini sandwich and a latte, and Ashley ordered an Americano. I usually put sugar in my lattes, but upon first taste of this gem, no additives were needed. I indulged in this and my panini which was made to order. My food was hot and fresh, the chicken was seasoned to perfection, mozzarella was melted and the roasted peppers were just right. Ashley who drinks her coffee black, raved about her Americano as it was bold and robust, and served in a coffee mug. Don’t we love coffee in a mug? It makes the experience feel more like home to me.

After this, we decided to share a white peach blosson tea (iced), to perk up a bit. It was so tasty! Not too sweet, not too bland. Overall our experience at Qathra was quite enjoyable. In addition to their full assortment of teas and fair-trade coffee, they prepare breakfast and lunch fresh in their kitchen, along with selling pastries from the famous Balthazar Bakery, c’est magnifique! The prices are very affordable, with the high-end being about $10. Qathra is more than just coffee, it is an experience!

Qathra Cafe

1112 Cortelyou Road

Brooklyn, NY 11218



7am – 9pm 

7 Days a Week

*Photos courtesy of Qathra website


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