Bag Love: Rebecca Minkoff Flirty in Black

Rebecca Minkoff Flirty in Black

It’s pretty obvious by now that I have a slight obsession with Rebecca Minkoff handbags as seen here and here. My most recent purchase is the beauty above, the Flirty in black. I acquired the Flirty in the much hyped Rebecca Minkoff Black Friday sale online. Being the fiend that I am, I was patiently waiting at my computer fifteen minutes prior to the start of the sale at midnight. Given the fact that Rebecca Minkoff has such devoted Minkettes, the site definitely crashed. Eager as I was, I refreshed numerous times, and the gates were opened, hooray!

Angled view with tassel detail

Since I already had a MAB and MAC in my possession, I was looking specifically for a black leather handbag, preferably with gold hardware, in a smaller size that I could use for nights out. I scoured and scoured, and finally came across the coveted Flirty; it was perfect! Supple black quilted leather, a gold chain strap with gold stud detail, and a tassel for good measure. I don’t think I’ve ever hit “Add to cart” that fast in my life; I didn’t want it to get in someone else’s hands!

Stud detail around the perimeter

The Flirty retails for $250 and from my research, is sold out pretty much everywhere. I was able to score this gorgeous bag for $140 and received it within days. I’ve worn it once so far and am in LOVE. It fills my “black purse” void. Like it? Love it? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Bag Love: Rebecca Minkoff Flirty in Black

    1. Hey Jackie! I would continue to stalk online sales for this bag, as I purchased it during the RM Black Friday sale. Also e-Bay would be a good place to search, but more than likely it may be used. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for reading!

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