My Hair Transformation, Made possible by ARROJO Cosmetology

Hair is something I struggle with everyday. Given my texture, which I can most easily describe as wavy/curly/straight, I have realized over the years that I have had the wrong haircut the majority of the time. Since I tend to be a bit dramatic at times, living with a bad haircut can be like the end of the world; complaints galore and hissy fits. I had been in the process of growing out another bad haircut when I noticed that ARROJO Cosmetology was looking for hair models for their graduate presentation. Being one that is not scared for a change in the hair department, I jumped at this opportunity because along with getting a new look, all services would be gratis; WIN!

I immediately sent an e-mail over to the appropriate party, and within an hour, I was chosen and assigned to Jessica Crocetto. My initial contact via email with Jessica was great; she was super professional and asked what I was looking for, and was very understanding. I told her I wanted to change my color, and mad more layers for body. She totally understood. The hair transformation was a three-day process. Day one was a single-process color, day two was highlights and cut, and day three was the final presentation. I went from a super dark brown color with less than spectacular body, to a warm chestnut brown with caramel peekaboo highlights with lots of depth. I am soooo grateful for Jessica and the ARROJO team for working their wonders. Check out the photos below of my transformation!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*All Photography by David Ducane


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