DOPEness at The Delancey; In my own words

The crowd at DOPE

The Delancey, Tuesday November 22nd, time approximately 7:30 PM, weather, cold and rainy. I am at the venue rather early for the show known as DOPE, a monthly music showcase presented by Central Booking, spearheaded by Shawn Lawrence James. Background info; I met Shawn back in September at an Eric Sosa event and have been friends since, given our common interests. I was excited to know that he threw shows that highlighted indie and up-and-coming artists, as I believe it is something we all need to do more of. In this time I also figured out that I was at the first DOPE show ever back in 2009, which featured J. Cole and Shyvonne. Small world! So back to present. I’m at the venue, observing people trickle in and a sense of excitement comes over me. People were steadily coming in despite the weather, and I thought to myself “what great supporters!”. Doors open, I meet up with my folks and head downstairs for the show. This was my third DOPE show in the past few months, so I had familiarized myself with the majority of performers, but there is always a new act added to the bill to keep it interesting. Here is my take on the show, via my notes throughout the performances.

Clydesdale Erotic

Clydesdale Erotic @ClydesdaleXXX

  • Full band based in Brooklyn with an experimental sound
  • Covered “Love Stoned/I Think That She Knows” by Justin Timberlake; really good!
  • Synthesizer added lots of dimension to set, great bassist! Kind of psychedelic yet bluesy with great vocal harmonies
  • Syncopated rhythms, reminiscent of MGMT at times…jam bandish?
  • Set time approx 20 min, experimental sounds, electro synths mixed with drums
Sophia Urista

Sophia Urista @sophiaurista

  • Soulful songstress hailing from Detroit, MI
  • Sound very reminiscent of Betty Davis; powerful vocals with underlying rock edginess
  • Performed Betty Davis covers in a shorter set time than usual
  • Each moment, especially when she sang “I’m a Woman”, struck a chord, as she represents such a strong, female musician
Katrina Bello

Katrina Bello @KBello

  • R&B singer from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area, quite soulful
  • Performed a cover of “Lights Please” by J.Cole, interesting rendition with a self assure attitude
  • Mashup/cover of “Everything I Am” by Kanye West, accompanied by Bianca Raquel; great chemistry!
  • Original song “Lovedrug”had a very seductive sound, a la “Sexual Seduction” by Snoop Dogg: I dig it!
Bianca Raquel

Bianca Raquel @THEBiancaRaquel

  • Singer/songwriter/producer from the NYC area
  • Played the keys throughout her entire performance
  • Soulful R&B sound with some jazzy undertones
  • Covered  “Ni**as in Paris” with Katrina Bello and “Flashing Lights” solo
  • Original track entitled the “F*CK IT song”, empowering yet funny at times because it was all so real; I could definitely relate
Charly & Margaux

Charly & Margaux @lacedisfree

  • Violist + Violinist from Boston
  • Performed originals from “Laced”, which is to be released soon
  • “Sunset”, more jazzy vibe, with hip hop undertones
  • “Conquistador”, chill R&B vibe, with hip hop influence, some sample usage
Steeve Sam

Steeve Sam @SteeveSamDreams

  • Very soulful soulful singer a la Bilal, Neo soul would be the mot accurate description
  • Crazy falsetto, what?!
  • Performed originals, including the track “Liar Liar”
  • Improv/freestyle towards the end of his set with live sampling via drum machine

De Lor @DeLorJadore

  • Pop/R&B singer based in Boston, first show in NYC
  •  Accompanied by full band called “Elevation Theory”
  •  First EP out now, “J-adore”
  • Key songs: “Where Is the life in You?” done a capella and “Cruel”,  happier tune, bouncy, power ballad

I had a great time at this edition of DOPE as I see so much great talent, with very well thought our sets. The crowd is growing and are very supportive of the acts, which is great to see in this cutthroat world known as the Music Industry. The next show is coming up on December 6th. Be sure to follow @alifeinthedayof on Twitter for all updates!