I Represent the New, New York

The city never sleeps, betta slip you an Ambien. – Jay Z

Welcome to my world. This is A Life in the Day of Andrea…for real though. On the daily, I share with you. I share great events and parties, shopping, music, restaurants, and many other cultural and fun-filled experiences. But where does this all come from? I am a sponge, and highly interested in all these things, but what inspires me most, besides my family, is my peers. I, along with them, represent what we call the “New, New York”. We are young, smart, and extremely ambitious. Many of us are born and raised in NYC, but we freely welcome and accept our brothers and sisters from abroad. We are from hard-working families, and a large percentage of us are first generation in the United States. We believe in education, sacrifice, and making our mark in this world.

We are not made of money, and most of us juggle our creative and entrepreneurial endeavors with a full-time job, or with many projects and/or odd jobs. Time management is crucial, especially when you work most at night, but still have to wake up rather early in the morning. It is the grind. This is what we do, this is how we live. You may think, “All of that, can get a little tiring, no?”, and I would respond, “It sure does!”. So why continue? Because success doesn’t come with giving up. In my experience thus far, I know that I am my own worst critic, and have the tendency to second guess things that need not be second guessed; happens to the best of us. It is my peers, my friends and family that are trying to make a name for themselves as well, that remind me that I am on the right path to making my dreams a reality. They believe in me, and I in them.

This “New, New York” movement, is all about that; believing in and supporting your peers. We all want to make it, so why not do it together? We can all be the business owners, entrepreneurs, movie stars, superstar musicians, proclaimed journalists, internationally renown artists & designers, etc., of our dreams if we lend a helping hand to a friend, and make it happen, together. I can easily say that most of my days are spent working over 12 hours. I have a full-time job, and in addition to that, I have this blog that you are currently reading, that is quite event-based, so in turn, I attend a lot of events. Most of these events are musical performances on weeknights by my friends. Sure, I can be a square and say “Sorry buddy, have to be at work at 8:30 in the morning, but I will catch you on the weekend!”,  but I usually don’t (unless I am legitimately exhausted or sick) because they are my friends, and I support them.

So let us do this thing. Let us come together, and take back what it rightfully ours; our city! Below you can check out a mini-slideshow of what my nights and weekends in the New, New York look like.

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