Dress Like A Man….Man 2.0: Park & Bond

Hey Mr. Porter! You’ve got American competition and their names are Park & Bond. Launched in the late summer of this year by the Gilt team, Park & Bond is a full-priced men’s online retailer. This was a new frontier for Gilt, as they are known for their flash sales and discounts on designer merchandise, and experiences. In an interview with Daily Finance, Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan explained:

Some of the reason why we’re going into the full-price men’s business before women’s is that men love to shop online. They tell us “I just don’t like shopping in stores that much. I don’t want to spend hours in a store.” I think more and more over time, men are just going to buy more and more online.

Aside from carrying the latest designer duds, Park & Bond has a section called P&B Shops, which feature a curated experience from an array of publications, blogs, and brands. Current P&B Shops include GQ, Nepenthes, Street Etiquette, Vintage Watches, Geneva, C.O. Bigelow, and Cedes. Along with this, they have a section called The Intersection, which serves as an online lifestyle publication. The Intersection brings about interviews with stylish men, designer features, how-to’s, food & drink, and more! I am LOVING this site for the guys because it has everything in one place, and has a very fresh, clear eye and voice. Check out some of my favorites below.


Isaia Leather Jacket, $4,850


Jack Spade Morris Double Breasted Cardigan, $375


Eastland 1955 Edition Sherman 1955 Edition Boots, $225


Filson Canvas Padded Laptop Briefcase, $315

Check out the site at www.parkandbond.com and on Twitter @parkandbond. Happy shopping!

*Photos courtesy of Park and Bond*

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