Hello Brooklyn! You’ve Got a New Hotel in Williamsburg!

Hotel Williamsburg. Photo via The Brownstoner

Yes, you read that right kids. Hotel Williamsburg is now open and ready for your business. Located on 160 N. 12th St, Hotel Williamsburg is set to become the “it” place to stay in the area. Known for their music venues and indie-rock culture, Williamsburg up until now, had no hip lodgings for artists and bands to crash at. Most would venture over the bridge to Manhattan to rest their head, as opposed to laying their head in a seedy place in the area. No longer.

Event director Evan Hungate and music director John Norris (of MTV fame) strive to create a unique experience as Williamsburg’s first full service hotel. What does that include? 64 rooms equipped with a Crosley record player, outdoor swimming pool with party cabanas, high end cocktails, and a swanky restaurant, just to name a few. Hungate states,

I’m giving discounts to bands. I am not giving discounted rates to weddings. I’m not booking pharmaceutical companies. That’s not who we are.

Right on the money! Did I also mention that all rooms are stocked with Vice, The Fader, and Brooklyn Magazine? Oh yea, that too. Remaining true to the local vision, all staff uniforms are from Brooklyn Industries, Brooklyn Brewery stocks the beer, and Malin & Goetz provide toiletries. Dig it? I thought so.

You are probably now thinking, “how much is this all gonna cost?”, and I will tell you this. Rooms range in price from $295 – $1,250, so there’s something for everyone, depending how you want to spend your experience (no pun intended).

I will definitely be checking out Hotel Williamsburg in the near future, not for a stay, but definitely for a live performance, drink, or dinner. My hometown is evolving, and I welcome it with open arms.


Source: NY Post

5 thoughts on “Hello Brooklyn! You’ve Got a New Hotel in Williamsburg!

  1. I’m pretty disappointed that this didn’t exist a couple of years ago. I suppose I have no use for it now that I live in the city, but I’m still very curious about the building’s entrails and goings-on.

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