“I’m From Brooklyn, You Can Keep Ya Timberlands On” The Lyrics of Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown. A rapstress from Brooklyn, NY with Trinidadian roots who trail blazed through the late ’90s and ’00s with her lyrics and rudegyal style. As a child, I was drawn to Foxy because she was so raw, and unapologetic in her demeanor and delivery. She commanded the stage and made the manliest of men blush with her risque words. She was a strong woman, who was doing her thing alongside the heavy weights at the time; Jay-Z, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., etc. Her lyrics were important, because they told the story of this young woman and her experience in uncensored form. Let us explore…(explicit content, not for the kiddies my friends).

Nasty-girl don’t pass me the world
I push to be not the backseat girl
Don’t deep throat the C-note she float
Murder she wrote, and keeps the heat close

This is ladies night, and the Mercedes’s tight
When I’m coming home? Maybe tonight
Leave my food by the microwave, kiss the baby goodnight
It’s my time to shine it’s playtime tonight

Act like y’all don’t know I keeps gat beneath waist
And like a hundred thou’ each crib in each safe
When Fox come through she have a gun in the place
I’m like Marion Jones, what, who the FLUCK wan’ race?

You already know that I like it hardcore
I’m from Brooklyn, you can leave ya Timberlands on
Creep like a Grem-i-lin, I’m a late night broad (Once again it’s on)
Soon as you turn ya brake lights off I’ma work you right off

There are countless others I can mention, but I wanted to give a general idea of a few of my favorites, and how no-holds-barre her content was, and continues to be. I feel that this attitude from the female rappers of today is missing. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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