Happy Birthday Drizzy!


Happy 25th birthday to my Jewish brother, Aubrey Drake Graham (@Drake). Not literally my brother, but reminds me of one of my brothers (that’s a whole other story). You have entertained us with your acting in Degrassi High, and since have been a constant on radio, and lighting up stages and TV sets across the world. Cheers to you! It would have been GREAT if you released “Take Care” on this celebration of your 25th year, but we will hold tight until November 15th. In celebration of your day, I have picked a few of my favorite jams from your catalog thus far. And just as an unrelated sidebar, keep your hair at this length; it’s more becoming of you. Oh, and if you need a NEW stylist, holla at me!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Drizzy!

  1. Drake has soo many solid tracks to choose from, It’s always interesting to see what other people’s favorites. Marvin’s Room was a track I like alot when I first heard it but somehow it started to fade on me. I think it’s probably because I enjoyed Trust Issues more overall. I also like alot of the tracks on So Far Gone like A Little Bit, and November 18th… I’m really hoping that vibe comes back on Take Care.

    MY BLOG: http://www.akaHipHop.com

    1. I agree! I wanted to post more, but I thought it would be slightly obnoxious to post, say, 10 videos. There was so much to choose from; “Trust Issues”, “A Little Bit” and “November 18th” being some of my favorites as well. I hope the same vibe comes back as well, thank you for commenting! Will check out your site!

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