Product Review: Rumba Time, Broadway Watch

Broadway Watch in Grapesicle

Timepieces are an accessory that can really tell so much about a person. Are they an athlete, a collector, a scenester, a tech geek? For me, I like having one classic go-to watch, but appreciate models that may be more colorful, or have a unique function. Enter the Broadway model watch by Rumba Time. I received the above model in Grapesicle in a gift bag and immediately thought:

A slap watch! How cool is that?

The band is made of a soft silicone rubber and features a watch face that is interchangeable. Its construction is super lightweight and waterproof, in case you get caught in the rain, run through a sprinkler, or are pushed in the pool. Ha! Being an individual with a very small wrist, I really appreciate the slap bracelet style, as it does fit all shapes and sizes, as well as evoking the nostalgia of the early 1990s.

All flavors of Broadway

The Broadway watch retails for $25, with the full collection available on Check out the site for more info, as well as their other timepieces!


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