Product Review: By Samii Ryan, Teal Single Earring

By Samii Ryan Teal Single Earring, $24

The essence of a woman, is not based solely on her personality or demeanor, clothing or interests. It is her accessories that shed light on who she really is. So why not be bold? I love the idea of statement pieces because they bring an element of fearlessness to an outfit and allow the wearer to exude the confidence she possesses.

I recently came across the accessory line By Samii Ryan while at an event sponsored by Women In Music and thought to myself,

“I love how whimsical, yet bold these pieces are!”

I viewed the collection, which consists of  earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and tees, which are greatly inspired by Native American culture. Think lots of feathers, usage of leather cord, and horn elements. I was able to speak with founder, Samii Ryan, and was given a piece to review for the site. I chose the Teal Single Earring.

The Teal Single Earring is a multi-strand earring, approximately 10 – 12 inches in length, consisting of six tiered feathers. I was immediately drawn to the teal color, as I love hues reminiscent of gems, water, and foliage. Bold as it is, the earring looks best with a simple outfit. I personally prefer black, or nude tones, as the contrast makes the earring pop.

Head on over to the By Samii Ryan site here to check out the lovely pieces they have for sale. The products range from $15 to $35, which is a small price to pay for a guaranteed conversation starter. Also, be sure to check out Samii on twitter @samiiryan for a behind-the-scenes look at the brand.


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