What I’m Listening To: “I Want You” Common

Summer 2007. I was in the midst of my internship at Interscope Records in tour marketing (mad hyped, I might add). We were on the 8th floor at 1755 Broadway. My department was IGA (Interscope Geffen A&M), and I became chummy with the Geffen peeps, as they were super-cool, and were home to one of my favorite artists, Common. They were doing lots of promo for “Finding Forever” and one day I remember overhearing Geffen radio staff saying that Common was in the building. GASP. I had to verify this with my homie Jay, who did East Coast Marketing at the time. I heard right.

I had gotten an advance copy of the album and was immediately drawn to “I Want You”. The instrumentation was perfect to me, as it had a great blend of percussion and synth, to help tell this tale of wanting, longing and obsession. Upon meeting Common, and not completely fanning out, I mentioned that “I Want You” was my favorite track on the album. He replied in his smooth baritone, “I appreciate that”. Swoon. I got a photo too, which is still somewhere in the abyss of my Facebook profile pictures, ha!

Below is the music video, starring the beautiful Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington, with cameos by Kanye West, Serena Williams, and Derek & Sophia Luke. I believe it was very well done, in regards to lighting and the way they focus on Kerry’s obsessive past love with Common. Watch and enjoy!

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