Download: Audubon, “Digging For Sunlight”

A native of Washington Heights, Audubon is bringing it back uptown. A multi-faceted artist, his talents aside from vocals include writing, producing, and directing. With his new mixtape “Digging For Sunlight”, he paints a picture sonically, of the trials and tribulations of a young man from the Heights; the women, the hustlers, the parties, the grind, and above all, the lifestyle. I was informed of the project a few months back from my homie Frankie P., who produced eight of the thirteen tracks on the effort. I have said more than once that this is one of the most well-thought out albums I have heard in a while. The stories, production, and imagery by Noel Salcedo, are so cohesive and make perfect sense. I have compiled a group of a few of my favorite tracks, which you can listen to below. Download “Digging For Sunlight” now on

Jack & Coke, full music video feat. Cyn Santana

Postcard, Produced by Frankie P

I.D.G.A.F., Produced by Frankie P

Super Loud, Produced by Frankie P

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