What I’m Listening To: “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” Ninjasonik

It’s Friday night, and the east coast is bracing itself for the wrath of an angry lady named Irene; Hurricane Irene, that is. Because of her failure to plan in advance, she decided to just show up, and completely screw up this weekend’s outdoor festivities, i.e. Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, and tons more. As a homage to Ninjasonik, one of the acts scheduled scheduled to perform at Afro Punk, I big them up in this edition of “What I’m Listening To“.

The wake of this hurricane has spawned lots of exchange on Twitter; mainly in the “prepare for the rapture” area, and the “what are you gonna do while stuck in your house all weekend?” area. The MTA is shutting down tomorrow afternoon, so you are basically stuck. I’m sure a good amount of you will be boo’ed up, eating all those goodies you got from the supermarket today, and possibly sipping on an adult beverage. When you combine all these elements, “stuff” happens (don’t play!), so I bring to you “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant“. Laugh it up, and stay safe folks!


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