What I’m Reading: “Bringing Home The Birkin” Michael Tonello

Fancy, fancy are those Hermes Birkin bags! We hear about them in songs, see them in fashion magazines, and secretly lust to one day be a proud owner of this gem of a handbag. But did you ever think about the process of attaining such a treasure? Well, let me tell you. In most cases, it involves adding your name to a list, with a wait time of up to a few years. Author Michael Tonello was intrigued by this concept, and set out to prove Hermes wrong in their “system”.

“Bringing Home The Birkin” is a light-hearted tale of Tonello’s travels and tribulations on the road to become one of the biggest Hermes Birkin bag resellers on eBay. He gives a detailed account of his “formula” which he uses to score Birkin bags at Hermes locations around the world, along with the various personality types he encountered in his quest. Family, love, jetsetting, luxury goods, food and wine are all scattered throughout this tale of an extraordinary lifestyle. I found this book to be quite entertaining, as Tonello’s tone is satirical at times, laced with expletives when necessary. Haha! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the inner dealings  of Hermes, or those who just want a great read with elaborate storytelling.

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