From A Fan’s Perspective: Beyonce Live @ Roseland Ballroom

To say that Beyonce is a good performer is an understatement. She is a great entertainer. King B proved this on her third night in residency at Roseland Ballroom. I attended the show with two of my favorite Leo ladies, Adele and Shannon, and we would have never guessed what was in store. First off, the line wrapped completely around two blocks and two avenues, chock full of Beyonce fans of all ethnicities, ages, and walks of life. Upon arrival inside the venue, we were greeted with an inviting ambiance; white drapes to cover the otherwise dull walls, flocked with poster sized images from the “4” album, along with elaborate all-white flower arrangements. The vibe was celebratory, as a show of this size was such a special treat for NYC fans.

DJ D-Nice warmed up the crowd pre-show, playing tons of Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella joints, along with true New York anthems. He was sure to shout all the celebrity guests in attendance, which included Maxwell, Jennifer Hudson, Lady Gaga, and of course, Jay-Z. His set continued for a bit longer than we expected, ending near 10 PM, to lead way to Beyonce. Her mere presence on a stage full of talented women (orchestra, band, back-up singers, and dancers), was enough to make even the manliest of men squeal like a little girl. She began her set with a medley of tunes, starting with the Destiny Child days, leading up to present. The nostalgia of going on this mini musical journey was great, as the crowd interacted in all ways possible.

She then went on to perform her current album “4” in track order (with the exception of “Start Over”) flawlessly. Not to sound like a “Beyonce stan”, but this woman is remarkable. Her vocals track for track were so on-point! Key moments for me were “I Care”, “1+1”, “Countdown”, and “End of Time”. I was really impressed with all aspects of her performance, as it was a full show, but without the intense theatrics of costume changes and pyrotechnics. I can say without hesitation, that this show was one of the best I have been to all year. Check out some of my photos below, and my video of “Countdown”. Enjoy!


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