What I’m Listening To: “Round The Way Girl” L.L. Cool J

In celebration of passing the 5,000 view mark on “A Life in the day of Andrea”, I felt it necessary to post a song that never fails to make me feel good. Enter “Around The Way Girl” by L.L. Cool J; a classic hip-hop track in my mind. It was one of the most popular singles from his 1990 album “Mama Said Knock You Out”, as it proclaimed the woman that he liked to be one “standing by the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop”. This line always stood out to me, maybe because I connected with the lyrics, even at the tender age of four (yes four!). I believe even back then, I realized I was more of an “around the way” girl than some materialistic “diva” type.

I love hip-hop. It may have been forced upon me by my brothers and their friends at a young age (haha), but I can say that it is a musical genre that I love. I can recall certain times in my childhood specifically by which hip-hop videos were popular at the moment. It runs through my veins, and is as significantly a part of who I am as is my closeness with family. Thank you for allowing me to share “a life in the day” with you, and take a listen to the track 🙂


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