“Watch The Throne” Pop-Up Shop

This past weekend, Jay-Z and Kanye West fans were treated to an exclusive pop-up shop in NYC for the release of their collaborative album, “Watch The Throne”. The location was 201 Mulberry Street  at Openhouse Gallery, a multipurpose event space in the heart of Nolita. Details of the pop-up shop were tweeted the morning of August 12th by Mr. Carter himself, along with Def Jam and Complex Mag. This date marked the physical release of  “Watch The Throne”. The pop-up shop, a concept used more commonly for apparel brands, was a unique marketing concept for an album release. The deluxe copy of the album was for sale, along with the “Otis” video being projected on a large white wall, album being played through the surround sound, and the revamped Maybach from the “Otis” music video on display for the viewing pleasure of all patrons. I attended the pop-up on the opening day with my partner in crime, Indira, and we did a lot of standing, but it was all worth it. A little after the 8 o’clock hour we were treated to a few special guests, including Memphis Bleek, Just Blaze, Swizz Beats, and man of the hour, Jay Z. Kanye was not present, as he was doing some shows in Europe. Fun moments throughout the night included a DJ battle between Just Blaze and Swizz Beats, along with them both posing with fans. It would have been great if Jay Z mingled more with the fans, but such is life. Overall, it was a cool, intimate event, for fans and industry types alike, to celebrate the release of “Watch The Throne”. Check out some photos below, provided by my homie Indira.

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