Ryan Leslie Live @ S.O.B.’s 7/28

Ryan Leslie on stage at S.O.B.'s

What can I say? I’m a pretty big Ryan Leslie fan, and I always try to make it out to his performances in NYC. My homegirl Glenny (@glennykravitz) invited me out to Thursday night’s show at the ever popular S.O.B.’s, and of course I obliged. The show kicked off at 9:45 PM, with his new single “Glory”. For those of you that are familiar the track, it has an “epic” feel, fitting to start a show with. He followed up with “Something That I Like”, “Quicksand” (my favorite!), “Zodiac”, and a few newer tracks to mix it up a bit. At this point, I was waiting for special guests, as Ryan Leslie is known for bringing out big names during his shows at S.O.B’s.

Ryan Leslie and Red Cafe

Following his performance of  “Joan of Arc” and “How It Was Supposed To Be”, Ryan brought out Brooklyn rapper, Red Cafe. They performed  their new single “Fly Together” with much support from the crowd. Red Cafe stuck around to perform his street banger, “I’m Ill”. Definitely got the energy up in the room! The surprises didn’t stop there.

Ryan Leslie and Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks was brought out to the stage to perform his collaboration with Ryan, “So Forgetful”. Next was his single “Start It Up” a.k.a. NYC summer street anthem. If the people weren’t hype yet, they definitely got there at this point! The mic was returned to Ryan Leslie, who closed up the show with tracks “Addiction”, “Breathe” (feat. Mr.Hudson, without Mr. Hudson present), and “I Choose You”.

The combination of great sounds and good company made for a memorable evening.

Check the video below from You Heard That New. Shouts to Low Key for all the fan interviews. Look out for my cameo at 1:33, ha!

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