Kanye West: Fashion Designer…for real though


If you are one that keeps their ear to the streets in the realms of music and fashion news, you would have probably heard chatter of Kanye West starting a clothing line. A few years back,  in his Graduation” era, there were talks of Pastelle, a contemporary men’s line in the same vein as A Bathing Ape. It never saw fruition. I believe the reason for this, simply put, is that he was trying to do too much. The ideas were not fresh, and in a way, looked like everything else. Pastelle was not “special” from a retail standpoint, hence its disappearance.

In the past year or two, post Taylor Swift VMA meltdown, we’ve heard more news of Kanye on the fashion front, more so of him being a student. In this time, he interned at such prestigious companies as Louis Vuitton and Fendi, and became chummy with the staff at Central St. Martins, one of the top design schools in the world. These hints brought about the natural question,  “Is he starting a clothing line?”, and now, it is confirmed.

Kanye West in collaboration with British designer Louise Goldin, will be launching their womenswear line in the upcoming New York Fashion Week (September 2011). The rumor was confirmed by Louise Wilson, a professor at Central St. Martins, who has known Kanye for the past two years, who says:

“He is very knowledgeable about fashion and interested – he is also interesting, he has an individual point of view. He has visited the college twice – most recently about employing interns to work on a variety of projects. He has supported the fashion school (with its fundraising regarding its move to Kings Cross) with a donation. I have not however been working closely with him on a collection but I certainly wish him well.”

Big statement, huh? I believe it was natural for him to focus on womenswear, as I see the inspiration in many of his visuals, i.e recent cover art, and ballerinas as backup dancers, to name a few. I understand that many may feel that this will be another “celebrity clothing line”, but I think it may have a certain edge, that may possibly set him apart from the rest. What do you think? Only time will tell, so let’s wait and see what September brings…

Source: The Cut


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