Frankie P. of Awake in my Dreams x Lozer Films

Allow me to introduce you to Frankie P. He’s a music producer/blogger/influencer hailing from Washington Heights who has a story to be told. I first heard of this story, while attending college with him, and had the opportunity of being kept awake at night by the beats he would make when a group of us lived off campus together (25 Cherry, what what!). He was then, and continues to be, one of the hardest working guys I know, grinding day and night to create beautiful music. His blog Awake in My Dreams, is a creative space, that puts sounds, visuals, and words to his inspirations. The folks at Lozer Films have documented a day of the life of Frankie P., introducing you to the man behind the music. Check out the video below.

Frankie P – Awake in my dreams from LoZeR FiLmS on Vimeo.

*Photography and videography by Jose Alfonseca*

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