What I’m Listening To: “Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” Mariah Carey

Here I am again, posting a track that is reminiscent of the glorious decade that is the 1980’s. We have “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” as performed by Mariah Carey in the theatrical masterpiece known as Glitter.  Yes, I know you are probably giggling, because you may not believe Glitter deserves such a title, understandable. Do I think the acting was award-worthy? Not at all. Do I think the music was amazing? Yes indeed. I believe this, because it captured the essence and grind of 80’s club culture through original music and covers. I have long been a fan of Mariah Carey (since “Vision of Love”), and I feel she did the song justice, by keeping it’s carefree vibe while adding her own riffs and ad-libs.

Here is the original, produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, performed by Cherrelle

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