From A Fan’s Perspective: Steve Madden Music & Giant Step present Katy B

Katy B

Katy B…who is she you may ask? Rightfully so as she is pretty new on this side of the Atlantic. The 21-year old UK native possesses something very special sonically. I was first introduced to her music a few months back by the Fire 4 Hire crew and thought, “what a pretty voice over such hard-hitting tracks!”, and was instantly hooked. I would say her sound encompasses dub-step, soul, pop, dance, and R&B with seamless delivery. Last night marked her US debut in a super sexy intimate performance at Le Bain at the famed Standard Hotel. The event was sponsored by Steve Madden Music and Giant Step, who are known for being ahead of the curve and breaking newer artists in various markets. Drinks flowed courtesy of Svedka Vodka and DJ Dhundee warmed up the crowd with bass-thumping jams. Katy performed three tracks from her debut album “On A Mission” which lands stateside on September 13th. Great performance in a setting full of tastemakers! Check out my video below of her track “Broken Record”, and keep your eyes and ears open for her in the coming months!

Me, Katy B, and my homegirl Shannon 🙂

Katy B Twitter: @katybmusic

DJ Dhundee Twitter: @dhundee

Giant Step Twitter:  @giantstep

Standard Hotel Twitter: @standardny


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