What I’m Listening To: “Is It A Crime” Sade

Music is a force that is omnipresent. It is with us throughout our lives, in good times and bad, and in youth and maturity. The music of my childhood is what I believe has molded me into the music enthusiast that I am today. I pride my family in introducing me to various genres and artists, most importantly, my father. Next to Bob Marley, Sade was, and still is, one of his favorite bands. He would play “Love Deluxe” on repeat until we couldn’t stand it anymore, but in doing so, I learned all the words to her songs. I may have not appreciated it as much then, but I do now, as I realize how much of an impact her music has made on my life. The sounds of Sade represented a wordly view in regards to music, blending genres and creating hits that are still very much relevant today. On this day of my father’s birth, I bring to you “Is It A Crime” by Sade.


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