What I’m Reading: “Oprah salutes Ralph Lauren and the American dream” L.A. Times

Oprah and Ralph Lauren on his ranch in Colorado

I love to read articles that are inspiring and show individual rises to success. I especially enjoy these types of articles when they feature people I admire. While reading the Business of Fashion website earlier, I stumbled across an article link that read “Oprah Salutes Ralph Lauren and the American dream“. I clicked immediately as I believe Oprah to be such an inspiration to women in business, and Ralph Lauren to be one of my favorite designers, for the mere fact that he created an aesthetic on a fantasy lifestyle. The LA Times article documents the Oprah episode which Ralph Lauren was featured on. She joins Mr. Lauren on his ranch in Telluride, Colorado, to swap stories on their rise to the big-time and living out the “American Dream”. The article is filled with quotables, my favorites below.

So few people, in these starkly striated economic times, during which the barriers between classes have become more insurmountable than ever, get to traverse the chasms of culture and economy that have been leapt by Winfrey and Lauren.  – L.A. Times

“I feel that I represent America,” Lauren told Oprah. “I feel like I’m an ambassador. I’m not President Obama, but I’m his assistant.”

This article was a great read for me, because it shows two people, now billionaires, that came from humble beginnings and created a legacy. I loved it, because it reminds me, that truly, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. And above all, to do what you love, and stay inspired. Read on here.


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