Nailed It: Revlon Gray Suede

I have neglected my nails for longer than I should. I caved, and decided to take a trip to the nail salon this past weekend. My color of choice? “Gray Suede” by Revlon. I picked it up at the Walmart near my Grandma’s, while on vacation in North Carolina a few months back and felt it would be a great neutral shade to add to my collection. My fresh mani/pedi shows this is true. I would call “Gray Suede” a mauve with light gray and taupe undertones, and a slight shimmer. The shimmer helps make your nails look light, as opposed to a cold/dead look, that colors like this can bring. I believe the color does work well with my current skin tone, but will see the effects that a tan will make later on in the season.

Gray Suede...heyyyyy!

Polish can be purchased directly from Revlon, or at your local drugstore or superstore, for about $4.

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