What I’m Listening To: “Night Ridin'” Theophilus London

‘Tis a Friday afternoon, slightly grey, and the weekend is approaching. You have probably hit a slump and need some pepping up, OR you are staring at the clock to see when you can get your party on. Since I am your musical guide and friend, I offer you this treat of tunes for the lull in your afternoon. The song below is “Night Ridin'” by Theophilus London. If you’ve been keeping up with my music posts, you would know that I am a fan of his, given:

a) He is a fellow person of Caribbean descent who hails from Brooklyn

b) His urban pop sound which fuses hip-hop, pop, and dance influences

Basically, the music of the people (correction, “cool people”) that are into cool things. I LOVE this track because i think it’s Crazysexycool (big ups to TLC!). I think it finds a perfect balance of bass heavy synth along with melodic overtones. I can see myself dancing to this, somewhere in Williamsburg, with all the cool people with cool glasses, wearing an oxymoron of an outfit, i.e oxford shirt, denim cutoffs, and crazy platform sandals. Take a minute out to vibe with me and enjoy!

FYI: He also has a supercool WordPress blog that you can read here.


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