What I’m Reading: 37 Signals, “Rework”

Let me start off by saying,

Rework” is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

In general, I purchase and read books that are in the realms of fashion, business, music, and culture. I love to learn on my own terms, look at pretty pictures, and laugh. This book did it all for me. Coming from a college background in Music Industry and Apparel & Textiles, I was used to the whole “business plan” method of creating a business. I have the books, was in the classes, and it never really worked for me. I thought this method was super time consuming and vague, and seemed to lack much creativity. I would say I am a “business-minded creative”, so I’ve always looked for ways to combine the two, and to find literature that spoke to me in that way. Two friends suggested I read “Rework” because of my concerns, and I am forever grateful that they did.

I like that the book was informative, to the point, and witty simultaneously. It offers a no-frills and effective way to start your own business in chapters entitled “Promotion”, “Hiring” , “Competitors” and more. My favorite sub-topics are:

    • They’re not thirteen
    • Go to sleep
    • Interruption is the enemy of productivity
    • Drug Dealers get it right
    • How to say you’re sorry
One of my favorite passages from "They're not thirteen"

I believe it is a MUST READ for all budding entrepreneurs, along with current business owners. You can read up more on the book , authors, and where to purchase here.


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