What I’m Reading: Richard Branson, “Losing my Virginity”

If you don’t know the man, you definitely know the brand: Virgin. Richard Branson is one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, having built the Virgin empire throughout his lifetime. His business categories include music, festivals, media, airlines, travel , books, mobile carrier services and more. His book “Losing my Virginity” was on the list of recommended reading for an entrepreneuship class I recently took at the Enterprise Center at F.I.T. It is a detailed chronological autobiography that has been updated a few times since its original publising in 1998. I have long been a fan of Virgin, specifically Virgin Records and the Virgin Megastore, and thought it would be interesting to read up on how Richard Branson started and grew his company.  Some main points that intrigued me were:

  • He began his first entrepreneural endeavor, Student magazine, at the age of sixteen while in boarding school.
  • At seventeen he set up the student advisory center, a safe space for young people dealing with frustrations regarding sexuality and STDs.
  • Virgin music was set up originally as a mail order business for records, and grew into what we know now as Virgin Records and the Virgin Megastores, respectively.
  • He did all these things with great conviction and poise although he suffers from dyslexia.

He included an array of personal photographs throughout different milestones in life, which you can take a look at below.

Virgin Balloon Flights

Interested in purchasing the book? Available at:


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