Site Love: The Cool Hunter

I love the internet. Let us start with that. And I especially love searching for things in the blogosphere and finding something super cool and unexpected. Case in point, The Cool Hunter. I came across this wonderful site while searching “cool” and “culture” on Google.

In short, the site is filled with cool things from all over the planet that you don’t see everyday. These include architectural and interior design, apparel and accessories, vacation spots, automobiles, ad campaigns and more. Check out some of my favorite features below.

Raiffeisen Bank - Zurich
T&F Slack Shoemakers London
Tom Fruin’s Outdoor Sculpture - Kolonihavehus

One thought on “Site Love: The Cool Hunter

  1. “Site Love: The Cool Hunter | A life in the day of Andrea” genuinely got myself
    addicted on ur internet page! I reallywill probably wind up being returning a
    whole lot more often. Thank you -Martina

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