Dress Like a Man…Man

Ralph Lauren Black Label, Anthony Wool Gabardine Suit, $1,795

Got your attention with the Old Spice reference huh? Great!

I have long been an avid lover of men’s fashion. It started with Polo Ralph Lauren and Nike ACG  boots in the 90’s and has evolved to the likes of Tom Ford, Burberry, Ferragamo, and Gucci. To me, tailoring is what sets great menswear ahead of the pack, along with great texture, clean lines, and an aesthetically pleasing color range. I have always been asked by my male family members and friends “Andrea, do these shoes go with this outfit?” or “Andrea, where can I find a reasonably priced suit for an interview I have coming up?“.  I love to give advice, and in order to do so, I am always researching the retail front, menswear magazines, and the internet. A new site that I LOVE to pieces is Mr. Porter.

Mr. Porter is a mens designer fashion e-commerce site.  They carry such brands  as Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Acne, and Paul Smith. Along with an array of great designer finds, they have a lifestyle magazine called The Journal on site which features editorials on men of the moment, style guides and video, vacation ideas, and more. Overall, it is a site with a sophisticated and educated take on menswear, without being too preachy or pretentious. I encourage all the guys to check it out. Below are some of my favorite pieces.

Raf Simons Eyewear, Tortoiseshell Metal Framed Aviators, $370
Mulberry, Clipper Leather Holdall, $1,450
Yves Saint Laurent, Lace-Up Brogues, $695



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