Curls Alive! How ‘Mixed Chicks’ Saved My Mane

Front view of my hair styled with Mixed Chicks products.

Front view of my hair styled with Mixed Chicks products.

Since deciding to stick with a considerably shorter mane (ear-length to be exact) , it can be a task to keep my tresses intact. Shorter curls are bouncier and have  a mind of their own, so I knew I had to seek out product that would tame my multi-textured, multi-ethnic mane in a way that it would keep its bounce, and not be weighed down.

I had been researching curly hair products for some time, but have found  that many contain too much oil for my liking, more appropriate for coarser and/or thicker-textured curls. I became familiar with the Mixed Chicks brand maybe a year ago through trolling the internet, and watched videos from their founders Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge. Through watching these videos, I decided that Wendi’s hair texture was closest to mine, and her curls looked bouncy and beautiful with the product, so why not me?

Side view of my hair styled with Mixed Chicks products.

Side view of my hair styled with Mixed Chicks products.

Fast forward a year, I’m checking my e-mail and I get a pitch from Mixed Chicks (hey Melissa and Ashante!). I told them how much I was interested in the product, and the lovely ladies sent over a sweet care package for me to test out. I’ve been using the products for maybe two months now, and my hair has never been better! The products are super moisturizing, whilst staying light and keeping my hair bouncy.

I use their guide “for bountiful curls” as a style guide when I wash my hair to attain the result you see up top. Here are the steps!

Sulfate Free Shampoo, $11.99

Sulfate Free Shampoo, $11.99

Deep Conditioner, $10.99

Deep Conditioner, $10.99

  • Squeeze out excess water and apply Deep Conditioner to wet hair (while still in shower). Comb through and rinse out after approximately 3-5 minutes.

Leave-In Conditioner, $16.99

  • Once out the shower, work a generous portion of Leave-In Conditioner throughout wet hair. I like to comb through with the Paddle Brush to ensure product is evenly distributed.
Hair Silk, $11.99

Hair Silk, $11.99

  • Once your hair has air-dried to your desired shape, blow-dry roots for lift. Use a dime-sized drop of Hair Silk to add shine and finish off the look.

And that’s all it is to it! Thanks again to the ladies at Mixed Chicks for providing me with the product that has transformed my hair for the better. :)

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